PropertyAssist online

Manage projects, vendors, directors and
board meetings for all
your associations from one
easy online application.


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Aleka Ernst: 630.315.3618
Mark Cantey: 630.681.9400
Toll-free: 855.301.9400


Technical questions:
630.665.6800 x3, Brad 

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PropertyAssistOnline is all about managing projects, vendors, and board meetings

PropertyAssistOnline is the biggest boon for the property manager to come along since the clipboard. It does three things very well:

  1. it manages the direct interaction between you, your board, your vendors, and projects
  2. it gives real-time status updates anytime during a project
  3. it makes the building of board meeting packets a breeze

However, behind those high-level functions is the Swiss Army knife of property management tools. Here’s what it will do to make association management a pleasure:

You'll be a better property manager.
You'll run better meetings.

Relationships chart

PropertyAssistOnline helps you manage projects & vendors

  1. create, send, and track work orders
  2. create, send, and track RFPs to vendors
  3. vendors upload quotes
  4. online review and approval of proposal
  1. automatically sends status requests to vendors
  2. vendors update their own project status, fewer keystrokes for you, greater accountability for them
  3. aggregates: workorders, RFP’s, and proposals

Property Management chart

PropertyAssistOnline helps you run board meetings

No day-of-the-meeting panic.
No frantic calls to vendors for last minute status reports.

  1. helps create agendas either starting from scratch, using a template, or pulling from previous meetings
  2. using a WYSIWYG editor, create new Minutes on the fly right in the meeting
  3. sends automatic reminders to vendors to update status, and tracks their response
  4. creates online, real-time board meeting packet with everything at a finger tip
  5. allows board to see packet beforehand, online or batch print-out

Packet Builder chart

PropertyAssistOnline centralizes your management

Dashboard screenshot

Build and publish your agenda and board packet in minutes, right on your iPad or tablet

agenda builder